WOKA(オカ)は、宮崎県延岡市の市産ヒノキを使用し、店舗の造作家具を30年以上つくってきた有限会社イエムラが製造・運営するブランドです。 イエムラは造作家具を通して、設計者やデザイナーのシビアな要求に応えつつ、公共空間での使用強度に耐えるものを製作するこで独自のノウハウを積み上げてきました。 中でも数多く経験してきた書店のシェルフ。 その構造にインスパイアされたSLFシリーズはシェルフからチェア・スツールへとデザインを展開しています。 また本プロジェクトでは、製材所と連携し家具製作用の材料開発から取り組むことで加工の無駄を無くすことや、製材の工程で出るヒノキの灰まで活かすことに挑戦しています。
Created using the finest local Cypress and lovingly crafted by artisans; with over 30 years’ experience, WOKA is the latest brainchild of IEMURA. Since 1988, IEMURA has been manufacturing and designing installations for many unique and challenging purposes out of their factory in Nobeoka, Miyazaki. Through strict attention to detail, careful quality control and a little bit of know-how, their team has produced furniture and installations that can both be treasured for years to come and withstand even the toughest public spaces. Naturally this lineup includes the very bookshelves lining many bookstores throughout Japan. Inspired by the humble bookshelf, the SLF series has expanded upon the design,featuring chairs and stools. IEMURA is also dedicated to finding ways to reduce and eliminate waste from all stages of production, as such they have begun collaborating with lumber mills to find unique ways to reuse waste products, such as Cypress ash, into innovating new products.

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WEB. https://iemura.com